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Luciano Pecetti

Luciano PECETTI (PhD)

Senior scientist
Centre for Animal Production and Aquaculture,Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA)
Address: viale Piacenza 29, 26900 Lodi, Italy
Phone: +39 0371 404753

Research positions

  • Since January 2002: Senior scientist, CREA (formerly CRA and Istituto Sperimentale Colture Foraggere), Lodi, Lodi
  • August 1990 – December 2001: Scientist, Istituto Sperimentale Colture Foraggere, Lodi, Italy
  • June 1985 – June 1990: Research associate at ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria
  • 1984: Research Fellow, Università degli Studi, Perugia, Italy


  • Doctor of Philosophy: University of Wales, Bangor, UK (research work performed in Syria, UK and Italy)
  • Graduation (Laurea cum laude): Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Università degli Studi, Perugia, Italy

Main research topics

  • Genetic improvement and genetic resources of cereals (barley; durum wheat; emmer wheat), forage crops (alfalfa; subterranean clover; tall fescue; cocksfoot; berseem clover; sulla; etc.), and feed grain legumes (pea; white lupin; soybean)
  • Tolerance to abiotic (drought; salinity) and biotic stresses (grazing; plant competition)
  • Breeding strategies based on ecophysiological, evolutionary and farmer-participatory approaches
  • Breeding for organic systems
  • Genomic selection

Scientific publications

Plant varieties

  • Subterranean clover: ‘Antas’ (registered in 1997; patent PBR Australia No. 1644 of Dec. 19, 2000); ‘Campeda’ (registered in 1997; patent PBR Australia No. 1643 of Dec. 19, 2000); Losa (registered in 1997); Tanca (registered in 2015)
  • Alfalfa: ‘Verbena’ (registered in 2010); ‘Camporegio (registered in 2014); ‘Buttero (registered in 2019)

Responsibilities in international and national projects

  • FP7-EraNet “Resilient, water- and energy-efficient forage and feed crops for Mediterranean agricultural systems (REFORMA)” (2012-2016). Leader of the WP ‘Ecological breeding strategies and variety selection’
  • MiPAAF “Plant genetic resources / FAO Treaty (RGV-FAO)” (since 2017). Scientific responsible for the Centre
  • MiPAAF “National Organic Seed Plan” (2011-2014). Scientific coordinator for the feed protein crops
  • FP7-Core Organic “Coordinating organic plant breeding activities for diversity (COBRA)” (2013-2016). Leader of the Task ‘Control of seed-borne diseases with essential oils’
  • FP6 “Improvement of native perennial forage plants for sustainability of Mediterranean farming systems (PERMED)” (2004-2009). Co-leader of the WP ‘Genotype × environment interactions through multisite networks of field trials, to analyse drought resistance, perenniality and water use efficiency’

Other responsibilities

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of EUCARPIA Forage Crops & Amenity Grass Section (since 2019)


  • Contract professor of “Plant breeding applied to field crops” (2004-05) and “Crop science” (2011-12; 2012-13; 2013-14), University of Milan

Selected recent publications

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